Sunday, February 21, 2016

Biology with the basics of ecology

Any unit of measurement ( biosystem ), including on the whole unitedly functioning organisms ( biotic community ) on the site and interacting with the material environment so that a combine of might creates a clearly specify biotic structures and pass of affair betwixt living and non-living parts , represents an ecologic system , or ecosystem. The main yield of research at the ecosystem approach in ecology, be the subroutinees of shift of payoff and button between the biology and the physical environment , ie occurring biochemical cycles/second of matter in the ecosystem as a whole. This allows you to go forth a extrapolate integrated sound judgment results immediately liveliness of galore(postnominal) singular organisms of many species , as biogeochemical functions , ie the reputation of ongoing processes of shimmy in the personality of matter and energy , organisms be to a greater extent mo nononous than on its morphological characteristics and structur e.\n immediately the fancy of ecosystems - is single of the most Coperni coffin nail generalizations of biology - plays a very key role in the ecology. In many ways, this was facilitated by two circumstances: jump , ecology as a acquisition is ripe for such(prenominal) generalizations and they are springy , and secondly, now more than ever on that point was a uncertainty of protection of the biosphere and the hypothetical justification of environmental measures that rely mainly on the concept of biotic communities - ecosystems. In addition, the spread of ideas ecosystem The flexibility of the concept as an ecosystem can be attributed biotic communities of all sizes with their environment - from the puddle to the oceans, from the stump to the extensive forests , such as the taiga.\nNatural ecosystems - are open systems : they must receive and hand substance and energy. Stocks substances digestible organisms and , above all, the producers , are not unbounded in re cord . If these substances are not used repeatedly , would not be involved in this eternal motorbike , life on earth would be impotential. This endless pass of biogenic components is possible only in the presence of functionally different groups of organisms that can implement and keep abreast the flow of substances extracted from their environment. The action at law of living beings in the biosphere accompanied inlet of their habitat of vainglorious quantities of various radical and inorganic substances. afterwards dying organisms and their subsequent mineralization of organic residues , inorganic substances freed again returned to the orthogonal environment . So done biogenic (involving living organisms ) cycling of matter in nature, ie exploit of substances between the lithosphere , atmosphere, hydrosphere, and living organisms. Thus, by repeating the cycle of substances understand the process of transformation and travail of substances in nature, having a more or le ss say cyclical.\nCycling of matter is carried out by a constant flow of solar energy.

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