Monday, August 12, 2019

Operations Management processes Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Operations Management processes - Assignment Example The effective utilization of TQM can yield positive results which would not only improve the operations but would set higher operating standards. The proposed alternative approach for Pizza Store would be the implementation of Six Sigma Principle in relation to External Benchmarking. This strategy will initiate with DMAIC methodology where customer priorities and Defined which in Mario’s case would be length of the queue, the customers in peak hours, waiting time, order processing time, and the overall service. These are the parameters which are regarded significant by the customers and should be targeted. The second step is to Measure the current processes to pinpoint the defects in the system and highlight the bottlenecks. These concerned areas are critical to the quality of service and needs to be improved (Jacobs, Chase and Aquilano, 2005). Once the gray areas are identified, we need to proceed with Analyzing the reasons behind these defects. We need to find answers to the questions such as, Are we able to cater the customers during peak hours? Where the order processing consumes maximum time? Is the behavior of ou r waiters friendly? The next step is to Improve the concerned areas by identifying the acceptable standards for working to achieve them. Alignment with the highest operating standard to yield desirable result is a tedious process (Jacobs and Chase, 2010). It is needed to be carried out with diligence so that no lacking in standards is observed in any critical area. The existing processes needs to be modified, changed or even re-engineered to reach the desirable level. The last but not the least, Control the array of events otherwise the complete activity would be a useless ordeal. Proper monitoring of the key personnel as well the variables is required to ensure that all is under control. Failing to abide by any of these would simply result in a failure

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