Sunday, August 25, 2019

Using Relationship Marketing to Improve Customer Relations Dissertation

Using Relationship Marketing to Improve Customer Relations - Dissertation Example The current dissertation aims to investigate the customer relationship marketing strategies of Marks and Spencer following its rebranding efforts. The main objective of the research is to allow a comprehension of the changes that had occurred among customers’ attitudes towards the brand. Both primary and secondary research data shall be used in accomplishing the following objectives of the dissertation: Determine and investigate the target audience being catered to by Marks and Spencer; Discuss the competitive environment in which M & S plays in; Assess the competitive edge of the company as a global brand through a customer relationship survey. The researcher concluds that Marks & Spencer should leverage more on its customer relationship marketing strategies, particularly convenience, being a strong global bran, and competitive cost. Moreover, in drafting its next branding strategic plan, it should aptly consider the following factors which are deemed improvement areas (lowes t scoring items): ambience of the store and personalised service. On the other hand, it may leverage more on its highest scoring items, namely, promotional offers, being a strong global brand, competitive cost and convenience. The results propose that customers have a very obvious recognition of the overall brand image of Marks & Spencer as a clothing company. More specifically, the company was perceived to have a clearly focused position within the UK retail clothing market and to be successful in communicating their brand to customers.

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