Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Why men's basketball is better than women's basketball Essay - 1

Why men's basketball is better than women's basketball - Essay Example Basketball has from its very beginning, been a male dominated sport and this has continued to be the case to the present. While this is true, women have also come to join in the sport, with the creation of a women’s basketball league among other competitions for women. I am of the opinion that the basketball played by men is still more popular because it has a greater following. I would agree with the statement that men’s basketball is better than that of women because of several factors. Among these if the fact that women’s basketball is predictable and that women tend to be more careful and are expected to behave in a civilized manner. Women’s basketball is one of the most predictable sports today and this is because they tend to be extremely careful and cautious when playing. They tend to shy away from taking any risks and do not do as much to impress and entertain the fans as male players do. The predictability of the women’s game can be seen th rough the data available that shows that in all the years that women’s basketball has been recognized, only a handful of their teams have reached the finals. I would say that even before the game begins, the fans always know which team is going either to win or to lose.

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